You can have your lunch and eat it too! At Gambardella's you can have a delicious, hot lunch served fresh and fast!

Lunch Menu

Buon Giorno

Welcome to Gambardella's
Established by Alice and Matt Gambardella, 1987


  • Focaccia Bread - Italian flat bread, oven baked with extra virgin olive oil, fresh garlic, calamata olives and rosemary, served with virgin olive or marinara sauce for dipping $6-
  • Gambardella's Fresh Italian Bread Basket baked fresh $3- lg....$6
  • Cheesy Bread Sticks three bread sticks with marinara dipping sauce $5-
  • Mozzarella Bread  garlic bread with marinara, pesto, fresh tomatoes and melted mozzarella $6-
  • Garlic Bread Italian bread toasted with fresh garlic and $3-...lg $6-

Italian Specialties
Served with a slice of our homemade Italian bread

  • Lasagna - named "The Mother of All Lasagnas" by The Seattle Times, 1994 - Ten layers of delicate pasta, ricotta cheese and Italian sausage $14.95

  • Chicken and Spinach - 2 chicken breasts Sauteed with fresh garlic 
  • and olive oil $15.95 (1 breast $12.95)
  • (add pasta for $2.95)
  • Eggplant Parmesan - Eggplant with cheese and marinara, served with pasta $13.95
  • Fettuccini Alfredo - Fettuccini pasta in creamy Alfredo sauce $11.95 Add Italian sausage or fresh mushrooms or chicken breast $2.50 ea
  • Spaghetti Marinara with house made tomato sauce and grated cheese $8.95 Add Meatball or Italian Sausage $2.00 ea

  • Cheese-Filled Ravioli with marinara sauce and grated cheese $12.95

  • Minestrone Soup 
  • house made daily $7.95


Submarine Sandwiches
Served on Gambardella's homemade bread, plated with pasta salad or soup

  • Classic Italian Cold Cut Sub - Salami, coppacola ham, Italian sharp cheese, provolone, peppers, tomatoes and onions Italian style $13.95
  •  Ham, salami, or turkey sub with lettuce, tomato and mayo $12.95
  • Veggie Sub - Spinach with Italian sharp & provolone cheese, marinated tomatoes, onions, peppers, pepperoncini  and mushrooms $12.95
  • Wrap Sandwich - Filled with chicken, bacon, ranch dressing, lettuce and tomato $12.95
  • Portabella Mushroom - Sauteed, served on Italian bread with provolone, mayo and tomato $12.95
  • Meatball Sub - Tender, homemade meatballs smothered in marinara sauce $13.95
  • Eggplant Parmesan Sub with marinara sauce and freshly grated cheese $13.95
    Add cheese to any sub $1.50

Gourmet Pizza and Calzone 10"

  • Napoli - An Italian classic with marinara sauce, garlic and grated cheese $9.95
  • Chicken Rosemary - With tomato, calamata olives, feta and mozzarella $12.95
  • Siena - A "white" pizza with garlic oil, spinach, black olives and tomatoes $11.95
  • Firenze  - "Red" pizza with marinara, tomato, peppers, olives and mushrooms $13.95
  • Milano - "Red" pizza with pepperoni, salami, ham and Italian sausage $13.95
  • Bianco - "White" pizza with Italian cheeses: ricotta, asiago, sharp, mozzarella, fresh tomatoes $11.95
  • Roma - Pesto pizza (basil, garlic, olive oil) with fresh tomatoes and mushrooms $11.95
  • Low Fat - Zucchini, broccoli, fresh tomatoes, mushrooms and non-fat cheese $13.95
  • Spinach and Cheese Calzone  $12.95
  • Sausage and Pepper Calzone with marinara $13.95 
  • Portabella & Chicken - pasta with spinach, cheeses and cream sauce $13.95
  • Prosciutto Pizza - A white pizza with prosciutto ham, caramelized onions & blue cheese $12.95
    Additional toppings $2.00

All salads served with a slice of our homemade bread

  • Blackened Salmon Caesar - Our Classic Caesar Salad topped with blackened filet of Salmon $16.95
  • Pasta Salad with pesto and fresh garlic, served with green salad $10.95
  • Italian Green Salad crisp green leaf lettuce with marinated tomatoes, onions, Italian sharp cheese, provolone, peppers, pepperoncini and olives $12.95
  • Italian Chef's Salad green leaf lettuce topped with salami, ham, turkey, provolone and Italian sharp cheese, tomatoes, onions and boiled egg $14.95
  • Classic Caesar Salad romaine lettuce tossed with a dressing of pureed anchovies, olive oil,  fresh lemon juice, grated cheese and housemade croutons $9.95
  • Mediterranean Caesar Salad our classic Caesar offers plus marinated tomatoes, onions, calamata olives, hard boiled egg, croutons and Italian sharp cheese $12.95
  • Chicken Caesar Salad our classic Caesar with freshly grilled chicken breast, marinated tomatoes, onions and housemade croutons $13.95
  • Spinach Salad with chicken, bacon, blue cheese, egg, tomato, and warm balsamic dressing $14.95
  • Pear Walnut salad with chicken, apples, blue cheese on green leaf with raspberry vinaigrette $14.95
  • Small Side Salad (with meal $3.95) $5.95
  • Small Side Caesar (with meal $4.95) $6.95